What does HelloMukoma do?

We provide an online platform for consumers to submit and read feedback about a range of top Zimbabwean suppliers. As part of this service, we facilitate the effective resolution of genuine complaints by providing an independent complaints management service. Submit e report now.

What you need to know about this service:

Free for consumers.
Compliments and Complaints are published.
The complaint process is discreet and confidential.
HelloMukoma does not resolve complaints. Our role is to facilitate resolution by providing an efficient platform for businesses and consumers to manage the complaints handling process.
HelloMukoma does not refer unresolved complaints to third parties.

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Company Profile

The day-to-day operations of HelloMukoma are managed by a small team of dedicated Zimbabweans who are passionate about the service they deliver. Find out more about what we do.


HelloMukoma was conceived, financed and developed by a group of dispute resolution professionals with wide experience in dispute avoidance and resolution, IT and investment banking. They anticipated the growing consumer demand for better service from Zimbabwean suppliers. Over the past few years the increase in activity and engagement on social media platforms has further accelerated this demand.

Contact Details

Email: admin@hellomukoma.com or admin@hellomukoma.co.zw
Website: www.hellomukoma.com or www.hellomukoma.co.zw
View our staff profile on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/hellomukoma
Twitter: twitter.com/hellomukoma
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hellomukoma