:( Complaint - Highlands Primary
Highlands Harare
Report Date
27 Feb 2015 at 10:44hrs
Nature of complaints
Wrong teaching method
Incident Date
02 Feb 2015
Person Responsible
Highlands teacher short-changing pupils
I note with concern the way children are being taught in Grade 7 Red at Highlands Junior School.

The teacher gives tests and homework of things she has never taught.

This work is neither marked, nor revised.

In one book called Content Tests, children have been given more than six tests of 50 questions each dating from January 23, 2015, but up to now, not a single test has been marked or revised. How then do the children know what they got wrong or right?

We as parents have talked to the headmaster on numerous occasions, but nothing has changed. Surprisingly, it is the same headmaster who called the parents to a meeting to lecture us on how much the children will benefit when they come for holiday lessons.

Why waste a whole term and wait for the holiday?

Can something be done before our children fail dismally?
(Inappropriate report?)

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