TelOne data disappearing


Dear Mrs. Mtasa & Mr. Nkala, We have been a client of TelOne's ADSL since 2012 and have never experienced any problems till now; what we have is the Home Plus 10GB package. Ever since July after pa... Read More >>

TelOne daylight robbery


I paid for my TelOne bill using South African rands today and I regret that decision. R3,000 gave me $223.53, initially I din not take notice but now doing my mathematics it appears as if TelOne u... Read More >>

TelOne ADSL is daylight robbery


Telone ADSL services have improved substantially over that last year. I subscribed with them at a time when it was quite slow and most of my mates just thought it was useless. However I'm impressed, r... Read More >>

Sick and tired of Tel-one's ADSL


I am so sick and tired of the service from Tel-one and their ADSL!!! Everyday the network is a problem, it's on .. off..on... off and when one complains you get.. we will come and check your conne... Read More >>

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