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Report Date
11 Mar 2015 at 22:17hrs
Nature of complaints
Billing / Accounts
Incident Date
11 Mar 2015
Person Responsible
TelOne daylight robbery
I paid for my TelOne bill using South African rands today and I regret that decision.

R3,000 gave me $223.53, initially I din not take notice but now doing my mathematics it appears as if TelOne used a rate of R13.42/$ how fair is this rate.

A snap survey on some bank exchange rates are as follows:

Absa - buy 12.0393 sell 12.4097
NMBZ - buy 12.6170 sell 12.0920
FNB - buy 12.4610 sell 11.9804
Nedbank - buy 12.5851 sell 11.9055

I think TelOne is milking us, where are they getting a rate of as high as R13.42 from?

This is fraud at its worst. Yes the rand has taken a beating but TelOne must improve their service to make money rather than this daylight robbery.
(Inappropriate report?)

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