:( Complaint - First National Bank
South Africa
Report Date
14 Nov 2014 at 20:41hrs
Nature of complaints
Late / No Delivery
Incident Date
14 Apr 2014
Person Responsible
EWallet Services
EWallet to Zimbabwe a Mess
I send money to Zimbabwe on 5 April 2014 for taking a close relative to hospital. Was using the eWallet to Zimbabwe service. When they went to collect on 07 April 2014, they were told the ID number i send to is different to the recipient ID by a whopping 8 digits(Zim IDs have 13). Followed up with eWallet help desk, spoke to Shabirah Abdulla who promised to get back to me before close of business on 08 April 2014. By Friday she didn't contact me until i phoned again. Was then told they cannot help me because i used online banking. Contacted online banking who told me they cannot help me because i used eWallet. Now thrown inbetween. My relative is in such a bad state and needs the money asap. Can someone who cares help me fix my issue
Passing the Buck. zishumba
(Inappropriate report?)

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