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Menlyn Mall
South Africa
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12 Dec 2014 at 11:18hrs
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07 Oct 2014
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Best service experience
Last week I went to Menlyn Mall in search of a dress for a wedding. I am accustomed to normally searching on my own and only asking the assistants for help with sizes etc.

Having been an Edgars customer for years now, never have I ever experienced the service I received from Jane in the ladies section. She came to ask me what the occasion was, showed me options I could choose from, came to check after I fitted it on.

I felt that I was given boutique service and definitely feel that such service should never go unnoticed! I selected a dress, however my size was not available. She assisted with trying to find me a size and even called me the next day to advise which stores had the size.

I unfortunately did not find the size as East Rand as indicated on the system and cant find the dress in my size.

Whilst I was disappointed, I did not find what I was looking for, receiving such service and having her go through so much effort has turned the disappointment into a pleasant experience!
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