Bad service at Bon Marche Avondale

Bon Marche

Just wanted to point something out that most Zimbabweans are probably so used to that they are oblivious to the problem. Today (9/5/16) I went to buy my groceries at Bon Marche Avondale at around 1... Read More >>

Pricing Discrepancies at Pick n Pay Avondale

Pick n Pay

To Whom It May Concern, I purchased an Addis Bin at PnP Westgate a week ago. It cost me around $22-00 but not more than $25-00. Later on in the week I visited the Avondale branch. I saw the same... Read More >>


OK Zimbabwe

In March I conveyed my dissatisfaction to OK management on the way I was treated by an employee at OK Mart in Bulawayo where I had gone to collect money sent to me from SA. I got a response from a T... Read More >>

unhealthy food being served

Foodworld supermarket

Got myself a takeaway of rice and chicken from the foodworld that's in Mbuya Nehanda in Harare but was shocked whilst in the middle of helping myself to come across pieces of sadza. At first I felt s... Read More >>

Revive Cry Mantengwane sports bar

McInn Supermarket

Can Mgcini Nkolomi do something about our beloved sport. The guy who has the franchise right now is totally clueless and broke. He fired the best DJs and most of the experienced staff now the bar i... Read More >>

Best service experience


Last week I went to Menlyn Mall in search of a dress for a wedding. I am accustomed to normally searching on my own and only asking the assistants for help with sizes etc. Having been an Edgars cus... Read More >>

Pick n Pay Arundel may overcharge you

Pick n Pay

So, my wife is always on my case about me not checking shopping receipts to make sure everything is kosher. I never do, even after having witnessed her correct a wrong barcode and price here and there... Read More >>

Embarrassing me in front of an entire store

Pick n Pay

I am a student and have limited funds for food... Unfortunately I'm in love with sushi and hardly ever get to buy it because of the price. I have been collecting the tags at the end of my slips which ... Read More >>

Choppies customer service is crap

Choppies Supermarket

I'm appauled at the customer service at Choppies Bulawayo Center. Just spent over 15mins waiting to get some fruits weighed and when I asked one of the workers I was just brushed off so I had 2 put th... Read More >>

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