I bought a faulty phone from Econet


Thenjie A Dube says, "please answer me....i bought a phone from econet its faulty.all the times phones are wraped and put in a metal box as if they will go to the work shop the same day.i am surprised... Read More >>

Bad service at Bon Marche Avondale

Bon Marche

Just wanted to point something out that most Zimbabweans are probably so used to that they are oblivious to the problem. Today (9/5/16) I went to buy my groceries at Bon Marche Avondale at around 1... Read More >>

Toilet Facilities at the RG's Office

Registrar General

It is a well known fact that whenever one goes to the registrars' office they are likely to spend quite a bit of time there in one queue or the other waiting to submit something or be attended to by s... Read More >>

Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Permit

VFS Global

I am so frustrated, my staff applied for their permits on the 11 November 2014. They have had no feedback. the website gives you dates that end on the 24/11 2014 and nothing since. it states its 8 w... Read More >>

Econet not the culprit when your airtime vanishes


Today, I am taking an unusual step to defend Econet Zimbabwe​ against the uninformed people throw tantrums at the country's largest mobile network service provider, accusing it of 'stealing' their v... Read More >>

Kombis owned by police/ council are not arrested

Bulawayo City Council

We ask the Bulawayo City Council Authorities to stop corruption happening on commuter omnibuses loading people at drop off point called ko Sales House. The area is only designated for dropping and ... Read More >>

Stop the unsolicited nonsense Econet!


I am annoyed, very annoyed, by a mobile cellphone service provider called Econet. The level of being annoyed is so high that I am even swearing at them using unprintable words. Forget how the compa... Read More >>

Solution needed to Zesa pay saga


Emotions are running high at ZESA and a solution needs to be found that does not hurt both the consumers and the workers. The only solution is ensuring that those who stole from the parastatal pay ... Read More >>

Change number on website!!!

Zimbabwe Consulate SA

Good day, We at Ocean Rock Media receive about 500 calls per day for the Zimbabwean consulate in Capetown. They have the wrong number on their website and and it is causing us to lose business as o... Read More >>

Zinara please do something this is unmitigated disaster


We returned to Harare on New Year's Day from Sabi Conservancy (Senuko Section) via Chisumbanje and Birchenough Bridge, then onto Mutare and HRE. The so-called trunk road just beyond the Malilangwe ... Read More >>

Big up to Multichoice Zimbabwe for Afcon

Multichoice Zimbabwe

I want to compliment MultiChoice Zimbabwe for activating SuperSport 5 (SS5) to enable all DStv subscribers to witness Africa's biggest sporting spectacle, the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) tourna... Read More >>

total disregard for isiNdebele

Chicken Slice

A display wall advert at the Chicken Slice's outlet on 9th Avenue and Fort Street features the words "Umkwenyana uqobo uyabuya le Chicken Slice", should have read "Umkhwenyana oqotho uza le Chicken Sl... Read More >>

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