:( Complaint - Zimbabwe Consulate SA
Cape Town
South Africa
Report Date
08 Feb 2015 at 16:59hrs
Nature of complaints
Call Centre!!
Incident Date
10 Feb 2014
Person Responsible
Change number on website!!!
Good day,

We at Ocean Rock Media receive about 500 calls per day for the Zimbabwean consulate in Capetown. They have the wrong number on their website and and it is causing us to lose business as our lines gets blocked the entire day by these calls. We have tried calling the consulate in Pretoria and Johannesburg but still no changes.

We have sent emails as well. We have been complaining since last year and nothing has been done. How difficult can it be to change your number on your website. I do website editing and it take me 10 seconds to edit a number. Please this cant go on like this.

Kindly fix this problem!!!!
(Inappropriate report?)

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