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10 Jan 2015 at 17:29hrs
Nature of complaints
Breach of Contract
Incident Date
09 Dec 2014
Person Responsible
Why are we paying TV and radio licenses?
I have noticed that people refused to pay their home radio and TV licenses and they always have infinite reasons why they did not want to pay up.

The most common reason why people do not want to pay up is because they do not watch ZBC programs and they would rather subscribe to DStv than ZBC. Then again the reason why some people have to pay the licenses is that it is the law and failure to abide would provoke the wrath of authority.

According to the Broadcasting Services Act of 2001 Section 38, part (A), sub-section (C) it says that the listener is a person who is in possession of a radio or television. But the same law also then states that anyone who is in possession of the license has the right to complain about the service provider.

According to the Broadcasting Services Act Section 40 Part (1), (2) and (3):

"Every licensee shall establish a procedure for dealing with complaints by consumers of its services which ensures that every such complaint is attended to within a reasonable time and in any case within fourteen days by a person having the authority to effect any remedial action that may be necessary; and the complainant is made aware of his right to complain to the authority if the complaint is not remedied."

The section further says that:

"If a complaint is unattended within the time there specified, the consumer concerned may lodge the complaint in a prescribed form with the authority."

So considering all the complaints that people have been lodging against the ZBC, the corporation is legally obliged to adhere to the complaints. But as we have seen in the past few years the ZBC has not found a remedy for these problems and it should be made accountable for its lack of customer service and product delivery.

Beyond all these odds they have got away with claiming listeners' licenses while hiding behind the Broadcasting Services Act yet the same law holds them accountable for their actions. So the same right that the ZBC claims in collecting licenses is the same right that the people have in demanding better services from the corporation. The fact that the ZBC is not holding up its end of the bargain is simply unfair on its consumers.
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