Tired of SA adverts on Multichoice Zimbabwe

Multichoice Zimbabwe

I read that Multichoice's PR representative, Elizabeth Dziva, has indicated her company has started a series of cutoffs on Zimbabweans that subscribe to DStv South Africa. I am subscribed locally but ... Read More >>

Why is Econet running fake competitions?


Why is Econet running fake competitions that have no winners? Has anyone ever won the $1,000 in the current SMS and win competition? I really wonder? Who do your valuable clients Econet?... Read More >>

RBZ Governor must use simple language


Take note of Governor John Mangudya, a man of less talk and more action. It would seem a lot is happening behind the scenes. We hear corporate and individual persons with bank balances who incurred... Read More >>

Raw chicken & chips sat in sun on the ground for 45mins

Chicken Inn

I was checking on twitter and saw a tweet by Evan Mawarire ‏@PastorEvanLive with a picture of Raw chicken & chips that were said to have sat in sun on the ground for 45mins @ChickenInn 2nd Street ... Read More >>

Zimra ignoring rebate for international postal gifts


I received 5 shirts from the UK clearly market that they are a present for Xmas and guess what our bankrupt Zimra decide to charge duty on the 5 shirts which qualifies for a $50 gift rebate. Ended up ... Read More >>

Zimbabwe Republic Police complaints line


I am not complaining but want to share this with you. If you feel that while you are being questioned or searched at a roadblock, the details involved have harassed you, hinted for bribes, or been gen... Read More >>

Ecobank friendly service


Went to Ecobank Parkade Centre in Bulawayo after talking to Thandi the customer services manager last week. She opened my account. What a pleasure. The security was great in directing those who didn't... Read More >>

Why are we paying TV and radio licenses?


I have noticed that people refused to pay their home radio and TV licenses and they always have infinite reasons why they did not want to pay up. The most common reason why people do not want to pa... Read More >>

DHL Zimbabwe cheating international parcel receivers

DHL Express

I was sent a parcel from abroad and surprisingly, DHL Zimbabwe charged me $25 to collect the parcel. On top of the $25 they charged me to collect, I had to pay duty for the parcel. My biggest prob... Read More >>

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