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10 Jan 2015 at 16:10hrs
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Billing / Accounts
Incident Date
03 Jan 2015
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DHL Zimbabwe cheating international parcel receivers
I was sent a parcel from abroad and surprisingly, DHL Zimbabwe charged me $25 to collect the parcel. On top of the $25 they charged me to collect, I had to pay duty for the parcel.

My biggest problem is that the person who forwarded the parcel also paid for the parcel to be sent to me. Why then did DHL Zimbabwe force me to pay a collection fee? Is this DHL practise that people have to pay to collect their parcels that would have been paid for by the sender?

If the money is some Zimra fee, then DHL must be in a position to give customers the Zimra account for clients to deposit straight into the Zimra account, but to show that its a scam from DHL, they refuse clients to deposit straight into a Zimra account. Its either DHL is cheating the State of Clients. I think they have to be investigated because they are clandestinely milking clients who receive parcels from abroad.
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