:( Complaint - RBZ
Report Date
27 Feb 2015 at 10:53hrs
Nature of complaints
Feedback / Response
Incident Date
10 Feb 2015
Person Responsible
Dr John Mangudya
RBZ Governor must use simple language
Take note of Governor John Mangudya, a man of less talk and more action. It would seem a lot is happening behind the scenes.

We hear corporate and individual persons with bank balances who incurred losses during the Zimbabwe dollar era when the RBZ unilaterally removed zeros and the subsequent adoption of the use of multi-currency system in early 2009, are not to be compensated.

Although the RBZ Governor was eloquent it would seem the language used was that of the RBZ financial language which may not be well understood by some of us. A simple method can do good especially where it starts (ie):

- Before the removal of the zeros by the way they were applied twice

- What did the banks use in terms of calculations including insurance portfolio holders.

If not implemented in this silent form it will undoubtedly leave a sour taste especially to the poor and less educated.
(Inappropriate report?)

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