:( Complaint - Chicken Inn
2nd street Harare
Report Date
25 Jan 2015 at 18:22hrs
Nature of complaints
Incident Date
14 Jan 2015
Person Responsible
Raw chicken & chips sat in sun on the ground for 45mins

I was checking on twitter and saw a tweet by Evan Mawarire ‏@PastorEvanLive with a picture of Raw chicken & chips that were said to have sat in sun on the ground for 45mins @ChickenInn 2nd Street in Harare.

The picture taken thru toilet window and you can imagine chicken meat next to a toilet for 45 minutes.

This has the potential to make so many people sick and has to be exposed.

Maybe to compliment Chicken Inn, it responded to the tweet by thanking Evan Mawarire for reaching out. "We have asked @PastorEvan to DM us details. Our team is looking into the incident. Thank you."

That was a tweet from Chicken Inn.

Below is the link to the tweet that started it all.
(Inappropriate report?)

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