Pricing Discrepancies at Pick n Pay Avondale

Pick n Pay

To Whom It May Concern, I purchased an Addis Bin at PnP Westgate a week ago. It cost me around $22-00 but not more than $25-00. Later on in the week I visited the Avondale branch. I saw the same... Read More >>

Pick n Pay Arundel may overcharge you

Pick n Pay

So, my wife is always on my case about me not checking shopping receipts to make sure everything is kosher. I never do, even after having witnessed her correct a wrong barcode and price here and there... Read More >>

Embarrassing me in front of an entire store

Pick n Pay

I am a student and have limited funds for food... Unfortunately I'm in love with sushi and hardly ever get to buy it because of the price. I have been collecting the tags at the end of my slips which ... Read More >>

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