:( Complaint - Foodworld supermarket
Mbuya Nehanda
Report Date
12 Mar 2015 at 04:16hrs
Nature of complaints
Incident Date
11 Mar 2015
Person Responsible
unhealthy food being served
Got myself a takeaway of rice and chicken from the foodworld that's in Mbuya Nehanda in Harare but was shocked whilst in the middle of helping myself to come across pieces of sadza.
At first I felt something that had the texture of sadza whilst I was chewing and I ignored it but then when I went deeper I came across a big piece of sadza, and I began to wonder how it may have gone in there. I almost vomited, because I began thinking a lot of things. Who knows whether that piece of sadza was stale, dirty or what, nobody knows and I couldn't take it back since I had gone out of town.
You guys need to start taking our health seriously, we trust that you have qualified cooks and food servers there but then you are proving us otherwise.
I wonder if the food industry inspectors are still moving around inspecting what happens in those kitchens in the backgrounds.
N.B. I took the pics of the pieces of sadza in rice but couldn't find a way to upload them here.
(Inappropriate report?)

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