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22 Nov 2014 at 16:22hrs
Nature of complaints
No service
Incident Date
08 Oct 2014
Person Responsible
Sick and tired of Tel-one's ADSL
I am so sick and tired of the service from Tel-one and their ADSL!!!

Everyday the network is a problem, it's on .. off..on... off and when one complains you get.. we will come and check your connection.. and I say.. there is NOTHING wrong with my connection it's your side... or we get told... there is NO problem....

Can someone please please find the right person who we can complain to that will actually investigate the problem? I am not the only one complaining.

I think they have over subscribed and there are way too many users and they keep adding and adding and it's choking the system.

By Shelly May Goosen
(Inappropriate report?)

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