Council must show seriousness on road maintenance

City of Bulawayo

I am disillusioned by Bulawayo City Council. Council officials seem to focus mainly on water disconnections and anything that makes urban dwellers shiver at the sight of their staff doing the rounds a... Read More >>

Zimpapers' News Hub team unhelpful and useless


I subscribed to the Zimpapers News Hub, paid the subscription fees, The Herald, Chronicle, H-Metro are updated frequently but surprisingly B-Metro was last updated on the 15th of January 2015 and toda... Read More >>

Thank you for ensuring that our voices are heard


I have posted few complaints to different companies reporting bad services received. I am glad to say even though some problems were not resolved, they will receive serious attention and I hope th... Read More >>

TelOne ADSL is daylight robbery


Telone ADSL services have improved substantially over that last year. I subscribed with them at a time when it was quite slow and most of my mates just thought it was useless. However I'm impressed, r... Read More >>

Africom's unlimited service chaotic


We have been Africom subscribers for almost a year using about 5 dongles. This service was running smoothly and obviously was a lot cheaper than running on Econet Internet where we pay $50 for 2Gig... Read More >>

Econet guys got in touch


Thanks to some sharp work from Econet, we spoke to a gentleman named "Parshon" whom we put in touch with the complainant. The matter has been solved, there was a leakage of airtime. The Econet guys... Read More >>

Econet airtime disappearing


This is a case about the "disappearing" Econet airtime and yah, it does disappear. I've heard a lot of people complain about this, myself included but usually I was taking note of the rate at which it... Read More >>

Where can I get a residential mortgage loan in Zimbabwe

I want to buy a house but I don't have an idea as to which bank is currently offering mortgage loans. At some point CABS was said to be issuing mortgage loans but when I enquired, I was told that they... Read More >>

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