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05 Dec 2014 at 11:21hrs
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01 Dec 2014
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Econet airtime disappearing
This is a case about the "disappearing" Econet airtime and yah, it does disappear. I've heard a lot of people complain about this, myself included but usually I was taking note of the rate at which it was disappearing so I decided to carry out an experiment yesterday Dec 1, 2014. I recharged with 10mb of data bundles, and another $1 for calling airtime. Since my wifi hasn't been up for a while, I'm subscribing to WhatsApp bundles, SMS bundles as well Opera Mini Bundles and yah, thanks to Econet for those bundles, life is supposed to be cheaper with those.

So, I use emails and "free" twitter mostly for communication and I haven't called anyone in 3 days. I realized that somehow my airtime was being deducted when it's supposed to be DATA only since no call was made.

I took screen shorts of the airtime balance at different time intervals and it seems $0.10 is being deducted as well when it's supposed to be the data bundles being used up.

As evidence, I have three pics, 2 from last night and 1 from this morning. My airtime should be at least be just above a $1 but I'm now on $0.69.
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