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Econet Wireless revamps call centre

Complaints of slow call centre responses for subscribers of Zimbabwe's biggest mobile network Econet Wireless could be curbed in future. Econet Wireless is implementing a highly advanced call centre system in partnership with Jasco, an international telecommunications support company.

The new platform will enable Econet call centre operators to respond to both social media, voice telephony, fax and instant messaging service queries and complaints.

"The Avaya solution delivers a seamless experience for voice, email and social media, allowing customers to interact with Econet through a variety of channels to connect on their terms and choose the medium that suits their needs," said Danny Ross, the general manager for Jasco's operations in Africa.

Mr Ross said the solution enables the mobile company to be more efficient and fast to give feedback to their customers the package includes the Avaya Experience Portal.

"Avaya solution also enables Econet to be more agile in their response to customers, and to take advantage of enhanced reporting and workforce management capabilities.

"The solution also incorporates Avaya Experience Portal, which helps organisations automate customer transactions and enhance customer service with quick response to customer queries that are common and repetitive, taking pressure off the workforce," he said.

Avaya Workforce Optimisation, which includes voice recording, workforce management and quality management, helps Econet to enhance the quality of customer care, while the Avaya Social Media Manager enables the organisation to connect seamlessly to social media channels and detect and analyse social media conversations, said Mr Ross.

He said the solutions center is the Avaya Aura Contact Centre that manages all types of contacts. "The core of this solution is the Avaya Aura Contact Centre, which manages all contact types, including inbound and outbound econetvoice, email, web chat, fax, instant messaging, social media and more. The system offers integrated real-time and historical reporting for sound management capabilities," he said.

The company currently has the widest coverage in Zimbabwe, and is constantly upgrading its network and products and services portfolio to cater for additional subscribers and broaden its reach.
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