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12 Jan 2015 at 16:12hrs
Nature of complaints
Incident Date
20 Oct 2014
Person Responsible
Vehicle importation
I recently import a truck and I submitted all the documentation including receipts from seller and shipping company to vic falls Zimta official on request. My truck was then revalued and to my surprise I was told the truck was worth more than the price on the receipt. The also told me the sipping price I paid was far less than they think the truck should cost to ship to Walvis bay. I tried arguing my case and went as far as offering to top up my mobile phone so as to ring the seller and shipping company to confirm with the zimra whether my receipts were original but they had none of it. My question to them was, so what is the point of bringing receipts if you have your own vehicle prices you use, the answer I got was we use autotrader to verify prices and I asked them how many websites do you think sell vehicles and aren't there any private garages that sell which are not on the Internet? Since they could not answer the question the next thing was you need to provide your bank statement showing the payment, I laughed, and simple said according to the requirements you need to provide there are no bank statements so what are you on about, it went on and on up to the point were people who were in the room ended up shout that people are being robbed off by zimra. So I need to know is what exactly is zimra's stance on importation of vehicles? Do we need to provide receipts or they are set vehicle prices which zimra don't publish for the public to see?
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