:( Complaint - City of Harare
Report Date
16 Jan 2015 at 18:54hrs
Nature of complaints
Incident Date
16 Jan 2015
Person Responsible
City Council
Harare refuse collection service deteriorates
The sunshine city risks another bout of cholera and typhoid as the Harare City Council fails to collect garbage piling around the town due to inadequate refuse collecting trucks.

There is disturbing information that a a third of HCC's refuse collection vehicles had broken down, incapacitating it's ability to clean up the city.

The council must prioritise refuse collection and other essential services as they have everything to do with human lives.

I think residents also have to play their part by minimising refuse dumping around residential and industrial areas.

Road junctions and bus termini in the CBD have become an eye sore as refuse continues to pile up, while residential areas such as Matapi Flats in Mbare and other surrounding high density suburbs have not been spared.
(Inappropriate report?)

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