:( Complaint - Unisa
South Africa
South Africa
Report Date
27 Jan 2015 at 17:04hrs
Nature of complaints
Feedback / Response
Incident Date
27 Jan 2015
Person Responsible
Exam department
worst service / incompetent
I went to the Unisa exam department to ask for my script so I could have a look at it and have it remarked by the module lecturer.

The lady at the department first said my script was not there, then changed and said it would be emailed to me within 10 days. It's now almost two weeks since the 10 days have passed and I have not heard anything from them.

When I call them, no one answers. I am frustrated because the closing date for a remark is Friday the 31st.

I am so demotivated by the institution that does not care about its students' needs.

Can someone please come to my rescue before Thursday???
(Inappropriate report?)

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