My experience with Econet customer care


Below is an account of my experience with Econet "Customer Care" over the Christmas holiday period. 14 December: I arrived in Zim and bought a line at the Econet airport kiosk. As usual, the kiosk ... Read More >>

Use of spikes by police unacceptable


Two wrongs don't make a right. Harare municipal police and ZRP have been using spikes as a traffic control measure against kombis, especially in the CBD and in many instances this has resulted in inno... Read More >>

Zimbabwean embassy in SA a disgrace

Zimbabwe Consulate SA

I want to register my disgust and embarrassment with Zimbabwean Embassy in SA. A tragedy took place more than a week ago of a Zimbabwean woman and her three kids who were found dead in Nelspruit M... Read More >>

Powertel dongle now super fast

PowerTel Communications

LAST year Powertel had probably the worst internet dongle in the market due to its failure to maintain connectivity and billing issues but it appears they have since rectified its shortcoming and it's... Read More >>

How fair is $5 to a pensioner?


AFTER many years of battling to find answers on government's position regarding Zimbabwe dollar balances held by banks, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) on Wednesday 11 February 2015 finally solved ... Read More >>

it is unacceptable to receive such bad service

Mupfumi Tours

Senatar Express trading as Mupfumi Coaches 1) The bus was dirty and smelly 2) The driver was very very rude 3) Half the bus on the inside was falling apart... Read More >>

worst service / incompetent


I went to the Unisa exam department to ask for my script so I could have a look at it and have it remarked by the module lecturer. The lady at the department first said my script was not there, th... Read More >>

Pathetic online presence

Air Zimbabwe

The shocking state of our national airline's Internet presence sums up the perennial, bumpy condition of Air Zimbabwe. And to imagine that someone is remunerated real money; USDs each month-end, to su... Read More >>

PSMAS giving a raw deal


Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) is giving a raw to its membership in the post Cuthbert Dube era. Doctors are demanding a core-payment of $20 for consultation, advising you to claim you... Read More >>

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