:( Complaint - Zimbabwe Consulate SA
South Africa
Report Date
09 Mar 2015 at 14:08hrs
Nature of complaints
Bad Attitude
Incident Date
28 Feb 2015
Person Responsible
Zimbabwean embassy in SA a disgrace
I want to register my disgust and embarrassment with Zimbabwean Embassy in SA.

A tragedy took place more than a week ago of a Zimbabwean woman and her three kids who were found dead in Nelspruit Mpumalanga.

No-one even a cleaner from the Embassy ever lifted a finger to visit or enquirer about the bereaved family. Surprisingly the SA govt immediately dispatched a Deputy minister of Social Development to meet the family.

The family was given much needed assistance, which included tents, food, transport (incl. 4 buses) and coffins. And I was embarrassed when it was time for vote of thanks we had to appoint a Zimbabwean vendor to represent the Zimbabwe government. Or maybe I don't know the duties of an Embassy in a foreign country.

The funeral service was held yesterday in Nelspruit with the attendance of high ranking Mpumalanaga govt leadership, residents and Zimbabwean community.
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