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05 Mar 2015 at 16:55hrs
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02 Mar 2015
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Powertel dongle now super fast
LAST year Powertel had probably the worst internet dongle in the market due to its failure to maintain connectivity and billing issues but it appears they have since rectified its shortcoming and it's one of the most sought after dongles in the market.

The new Powertel dongle is now currently the fastest on the market, and well priced too to get you going throughout the whole day. They are currently offering a 100 percent promotion on their data, which means you get double for every package you buy.

For example, their 1 gigabyte package costs $23 and when you buy the package your account is automatically credited
with 2 gigabytes.

The entry package 50MB is $1,50, which means you get 100MB. Backed by their fibre optic last mile, the new Powertel dongle is reaching an all-time high download speeds of plus or minus 1 megabytes per second while their upload speeds are around 400 kilobytes per second, which makes it a super fast dongle on the go.

The same, however, cannot be said of other areas outside the Harare CBD as we noticed a dip in speed depending on their network availability and how for you are located to their nearest Wimax base station or line of sight.

Africom's dongle has been going through its difficulties with intermittent connectivity and no real growth outside its traditional mapping though their pricing is still attractive but connectivity is not guaranteed.

Africom's current promotion of $10 gives you two weeks of unlimited access but with controlled downloads.

ZOL'S dongle was the best priced and offered unlimited data but the brand seemed to have discontinued the supply as they have become scarce. They offered $29 per month unlimited or 2.5 cents per MB before it went up to $39 and they later ditched the product amid poor connectivity reports.

IwayAfrica came in strong with a much cheaper product but it was discontinued within weeks amid reports that it could not secure a good deal with the last mile provider.
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