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16 Dec 2014 at 13:13hrs
Nature of complaints
Breach of Contract
Incident Date
10 Jun 2014
Person Responsible
PSMAS giving a raw deal
Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) is giving a raw to its membership in the post Cuthbert Dube era.

Doctors are demanding a core-payment of $20 for consultation, advising you to claim your hard-earned cash from the cash-strapped society later.

Most Pharmacies are refusing to give drugs on prescriptions from PSMAS demanding cash from such members. They are singing from the same hymnbook with private doctors who require the rest of these clients to pay cash for drugs and make claims later.

Meanwhile, patients can only access doctors' help from Premier Services Medical Aid Society clinics. Unfortunately, the multitudinous numbers of clients who flood all clinics overwhelms these.

Clients have to endure long and tedious queues while groaning in excruciating pains of illness. After getting the prescription, drugs are in short supply as the PSMAS pharmacies are hard hit by acute shortages of drugs due to immense demand, thereby leaving members with minimum options except to fork-out cash to buy from other pharmacies.

This state of affairs defeats the whole essence of contributing to a society that does not cushion you in times of real need.
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