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01 Feb 2015 at 12:52hrs
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Billing / Accounts
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01 Jan 2015
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Zimra officials in duty payment scam
ZIMBABWEANS importing cars from Japan are being ripped off through a corrupt duty payment procedure at the country's Chirundu and Beitbridge border posts, it has emerged.

Car importers have reported a scam which they say has been going on since November 2013 when the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) stopped accepting cash as duty payment for imported vehicles.

According to reports, those who fail to deposit their duty money into the Zimra CBZ account on time are asked to pay using someone else's bank card and charged $50 for every $1000 or anything depending on the account owner.

Zimra officers are said to deliberately delay serving vehicle importers up until the banks are closed as a way of forcing them to pay through the corrupt payment scheme from which they benefit for every vehicle cleared.

Investigations revealed that the officials only serve about 10 clients during normal working hours with the majority being attended to after 3pm.

The officials then claim that the bank has been closed so whoever want their papers processed should ask some people with money in their accounts to swipe for them.

The Zimra officials work hand in glove with local individuals into whose accounts they deposit large sums of money for delayed customers to use after the banks are closed.
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