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04 Feb 2015 at 18:35hrs
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04 Feb 2015
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DStv should start usage based billing
DStv Zimbabwe should now start the usage-based billing. I think that our communications sector regulator POTRAZ must do something. At some point in SA, customers were allowed via DStv Self Service to change their DStv package at any time of the month (downgrade, upgrade or suspend) which shows that its possible for Multichoice Zimbabwe to implement the same system. Chances are this idea will be short down with a lame argument that "DStv service is a month-to-month contract - when you pay your subscription, the contract for that month is fixed."

Imagine with ZESA outages in Zimbabwe I connect to DStv for a few hours a day. With a usage based system, I will be in a position to call and tell them to suspend my services when I don't have electricity or I can just login to my Self service online and suspend my services. If I go out of the country two days after paying my bouquet, spend 15 days outside, I will still incur same VERY high subscription cost. I say very HIGH subscription because it's important to note that our local bouquets have fewer programs to those available to South African subscribers. And seriously some channels that we pay for are not worth watching.

The other thing is that DStv is ripping us off. I don't seem to see the value for money as they are constantly repeating the same stuff especially movies. If we are paying so much they should give us value for our hard earned money.

I am disappointed with the services rendered.
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