:( Complaint - Ministry of Transport Infrastructural Development
Report Date
09 Feb 2015 at 21:12hrs
Nature of complaints
Incident Date
01 Feb 2015
Person Responsible
Obert Mpofu
Zim government website spreading malware
The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development website has been compromised and is currently infecting machines which visit the website!

If you do not have updated security for your machine, please do not even go the extra mile to try and prove because your machine will be infected.

The website looks like has some active java content which infects web browsers that open the site. The script does not ask you to confirm or deny anything but hits your browser straight away.

The effect is the same across Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera or Internet explorer. The website is now blacklisted, meaning that most search engines will likely rank the government website as dangerous, sinking it low on online ranking.
(Inappropriate report?)

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