:( Complaint - Zimnat Life Assurance
Report Date
14 Nov 2014 at 20:50hrs
Nature of complaints
Breach of Contract
Incident Date
14 Apr 2014
Person Responsible
Customer service
Zimnat cheating clients, civil servants
I feel I need to warn my fellow citizens out there who might fall prey to ZIMNAT guys who are going around advertising some false life assurance. All they do is give you false information about the benefits you get after certain years with them. I am one of the preys who only found out when I joined them but latter on asked a churchmate who works for Zimnat she told me and showed me the opposite of what was explained by some of the sales reps going around encouraging civil servants to join. Once they start deductions from your pay it is difficult to stop these deductions. They also promise refunds which never materialise. Be careful civil servants don't join them you better invest your monies in some other ways than this. Keep your money safe. Zimnandi
(Inappropriate report?)

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