:( Complaint - Banff Lodge
Report Date
09 Jul 2016 at 21:50hrs
Nature of complaints
Bad Attitude
Incident Date
22 Jan 2016
Person Responsible
Customer Ignored, Sent to Chicken Inn
[On the 22nd January 2016] I went to dine at The Deck at Banff Lodge. I arrived just after 8pm and sat at the bar. Some of my friends were already there and were having drinks. On arrival I requested a menu from the Bartender and he said a waiter would bring me one.

I continued chatting to my friends and 30 minutes into being there no waiter had brought me a menu neither had I been offered a drink menu. I asked again for a menu and the Bartender yet again said one would be brought. I kept looking up but non of the waiters were coming my way. Eventually after almost an hour had elapsed a waiter came to inform me the kitchen was closed.

At this point I was extremely annoyed and I stood up and went to the reception area where two white girls seemed too busy to assist me. When I eventually got their attention I told them I had had to wait for over an hour to be given a menu only to be told the kitchen was closed. To which one of the girls responded the kitchen is closed. I then exclaimed the only reason I was at Banff Lodge was to eat and the girl simply responded "Chicken Inn is still open go and eat there."

While all this was happening the tables with white people had been served food.

I then left after being told to go to Chicken Inn.
(Inappropriate report?)

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