:( Complaint - Air Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls
Report Date
10 Jul 2016 at 21:54hrs
Nature of complaints
Billing / Accounts
Incident Date
13 Mar 2016
Person Responsible
Good day.

I booked a return ticket for my sister and myself on line to Victoria falls for 9.03.2016 returning 13.03.2016.Upon our return when checking in at Victoria falls we were shocked when the lady issuing boarding passes advised us to pay 50$ per client as departure fees.we were never told about this fee and we were shocked.After spending all the dollars we had i did not have 50$. We called a manager on duty who said sorry but that's our policy and i asked her if the company policy was to notify the customer at the last minute she smiled and said \sorry mockingly\"I realised we were never to board the flight with out paying the $50* 2 .I frantically called my husband who was fast asleep and could not pick up only to call a friend who had to wire me 100$ for the two of us.No apologies what so ever.I WOULD LIKE TO TELL THE PUBLIC THAT AIR ZIMBABWE IS NOT CHEAP AT ALL WITH ALL THE HIDDEN EXPENSES.IT EXPENSIVE AND NOT WORTH IT. FLIGH 304,BOOKING NUMBER 32791107.CONFIRMATION 3 WFLVG. IT WAS A VERY EMBARASING DAY FOR ME AND NEVER WILL MY FAMILY OR FRIENDS WILL I LET BOOK AIR ZIMBABWE "
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