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South Africa
South Africa
Report Date
17 Jul 2017 at 07:22hrs
Nature of complaints
Bad Attitude
Incident Date
08 Aug 2008
Person Responsible
Stolen Video Camera in 1time Airlines South Africa
1time Airlines South Africa

C Landsberg
I recently went on holiday, for my daughter's wedding, to East London, SA. I flew AirZim from Harare to Jo'burg without any hitch. I then had a connecting flight to East Lndon on 1Time - 08 August 2009. It was 1 hour late, after standing in a queue for that time, I then proceeded to walk to the plane and boarded via the back stairs as I was flying economy. I couldnt manage to put my hand luggage in the overhead locker, as I am too short, I asked the attendant for assistance, he asked if there was anything I required out of my bag during the flight, I told him there was nothing, he then told me I could collect my bag at the front staircase when I got off.

When I arrived in East London, again the back door was opened and we were told we could use the rear exit, I then asked the attendant for my bag and he told me it was at the front stair. I collect my bag and left. My daughter collect me and we went on to her home. Shortly after arriving I wanting to take pictures and videos of my grandchildren, only to discover I only had my camera case, no camera. We immediately went back to the airport, about an hour had passed. The 1Time offices were closed, so we found the ACSA representative, who listened to my story and phoned the 1Time Representative. After speaking to him for a short while between tears, he proceeded to say the following, and I quote, "I am actually off duty and am at the beach, so I can't help you" needless to say I was speechless as was the ACSA person. After leaving my details including phone number I left, completely distressed. My camera was a Christmas Gift from my son, who bought it for me whilst I was there last year for Christmas. Not only is my camera valuable, but I had alot of pictures and videos on it, that my new son in law was going to edit and put on disc for me, that is his line of work. Those things I can never replace. I have to this day not heard one word from anyone. I want 1Time Airlines to refund me for my camera. I don't know if you are the right people to write to about this matter and would appreciate any assistance you can give.
I am still appalled at the treatment and (NON) service I received, I have never had this kind of treatment, i travel extensively, and never lost a thing, this is shocking. The name must mean you only ever fly them
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