:( Complaint - Voyager Membership Card
Voyager Membership Card
Report Date
17 Jul 2017 at 08:02hrs
Nature of complaints
Bad Attitude
Incident Date
09 Nov 2016
Person Responsible
Voyager membership card
Thabitha Khumalo (MP) writes:

My inquiry is ONLY about my Voyager Membership Card number 33015953 which l have waited to be sent to me for too many years. I then made an effort to find out why and amazingly on 2016/11/09 you responded by sending me reference number 201600263447 and you promised to respond in 10 days as my complaint had been assigned to a Customer Service Agent for a substantive response in 10 working days. The ten days have come and gone. On the 25/31/12/2016 l wrote back to follow up on your promise and you responded the same day and gave me yet another reference number 201600277100 and assigning me to a Customer Service Agent for another 10 working days. I responded the same day quering the logic in giving me another reference number when l already had one. On 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/9/1/2017 l reminded you of my long awaited substantive 10 days response to no avail. On 2017/01/10 you responded by advising me that my inquiry had now been assigned to Senena. Today 2017/01/25 you once again have given me another reference number 201700283212 and again assigned my inquiry to a Customer Service Agent and lam once again waiting for another 10 days for a substantive response. HONESTLY ARE YOU FOR REAL?????
(Inappropriate report?)

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