:( Complaint - MultiChoice Africa
Report Date
17 Jul 2017 at 08:06hrs
Nature of complaints
Bad Attitude
Incident Date
23 Mar 2017
Person Responsible
DStv disconnected in less than a month of payment
Dear Sir/Madam

I paid up my account number 13553213 on March 08th, 2017, but I have been disconnected this morning 23/03/2017. Please verify for me what is the problem.

My payment for receipt for the 08th of March is ref: 1770901503
Amount R520
Shop fee: R10
MultiChoice FSP : 11514 - p tigere

Customer number : 13553213

Please urgently advise, as I am very angry.

My email address is as follows -
email address -

I really look forward to your urgent response in this regard.

Thank you very much, for you prompt response as usual.

Prosper Tigere
(Inappropriate report?)

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