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17 Jul 2017 at 08:12hrs
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Bad Attitude
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02 May 2017
Person Responsible
Defy customer product support Zimbabwe
I have a glass top stove touch screen which had 2 plates suddenly stop working. I took it to the Defy approved Centre in MASASA Harare. Apparently they said it needed a part and they have been saying Defy South Africa is supplying them with the wrong part and this has been ongoing for more than 6 months. The 2nd from last time they said the part was delivered and when I went in with it the technician did not even know how to switch it on and ended up blowing the other plate which was working and now only one works. Now they have another wrong part. I am not even sure if the diagnosis is right anymore as the level of incompetence is very high. I am now very worried as I have a defy double oven, defy dishwasher, defy washing machine and defy tumble drier that if something happens to them what will I even do? Should I be changing to Samsung or something? Please help I need my stove working!

Jaqueline D Ndengu
+263 731 111 222
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