:( Complaint - Extra City Luxury
Report Date
17 Nov 2018 at 06:58hrs
Nature of complaints
Bad Attitude
Incident Date
02 Nov 2018
Person Responsible
Extra City must take drivers for defensive driving less
ON November 2, I boarded an Extra City Luxury coach from Bulawayo to Harare for the first time. I had been referred by a friend as it was a cheaper option.

Cheap it was as it only cost $25 compared to the $40/US$20 being charged by other operators.

Commendable was the host's reception and charging ports on the bus. The seats were also quite comfortable and the bus was well air conditioned. The only and major problem with this bus is the driving.

I am a frequent traveller and never in my life have I been so shaken, especially after boarding a morning bus. The greater part of the journey was uncomfortable because of the number of times the driver applied emergency brakes as well as overtaking along curves which had clearly marked continuous lines on the road - putting many lives at risk. Dozing off was impossible and sitting at the edge of my aisle seat was the order of the journey. I thought maybe this was just a bad day and used the same coach on my way back and realised there was no improvement. Perhaps it was the same driver or they all drive like that.

As a concerned passenger, I'd like to urge Extra City to look into this matter and address it urgently by perhaps, ensuring they send their drivers for Defensive Driving refresher courses and somehow monitor their drivers' driving.
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