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22 Nov 2014 at 16:48hrs
Nature of complaints
Incident Date
11 Jul 2014
Person Responsible
Econet customer care is dipping
By Charlton Tsodzo
Dear Econet Wireless....yeah we know you guys have a founder who inspires people everyday, you are the largest cellular network provider in the got a rich history where some politicians tried to stop your licensing and other politicians hand-held you for the same etc....but as you grow even bigger ...,,, pliz be good to the people who made you what you are.... customer care is dipping, sometimes airtime does the 'now you see me, now you don't' thingy......spam SMS etc..... and yes a lot of us your clients sense a bit of arrogance also........I know you guys are larger than life now and maybe our individual complaints might not stop you from making the mega millions (even if we left the network, we know you guys have enough money for 2 lifetimes)...but you might need us again, you might just never know....dzokai panzvimbo tapota.........musatibatewo nekuseri kweruoko ndapota......robonga.....
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