:( Complaint - Multichoice Zimbabwe
Report Date
14 Nov 2014 at 20:32hrs
Nature of complaints
Late / No Delivery
Incident Date
08 Apr 2014
Person Responsible
Multichoice Zimbabwe connection delay
"Kindly note that I hereby express my disappointment at the way I have been treated by multichoice Zimbabwe. I wanted to be connected on a new account, obviously in time for the world cup, but to date I have received no joy from Dstv Zimbabwe. I made a subscription, was told to phone zambia for an order number which I did but nothing came up. I have reason to believe I have been given very bad service. I spoke to the management at the Zimbabwe office after being reffered by a call center lady known as Masciline but got no joy. I spent about $30 calling zambia and S.A. after the Zim team told me to get an order number, and my question why they told me to phone Zambia when they have same systems and e-mails. I feel shortchanged, maybe just like a lot more, phones to their call center dont even go through. Kindly assist" B Mutero
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