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South Africa
South Africa
Report Date
22 Nov 2014 at 21:19hrs
Nature of complaints
Call Centre!!
Incident Date
20 Oct 2014
Person Responsible
Call centre
VFS Global a mind game, poor Zimbabweans
For 3 weeks now I have been trying to call the so called VFS GLOBAL that is supposed to be renewing Zimbabwe Special Permits to no avail.

The system say you make an online application, go pay R870.00 at Standard Bank and then make a booking to their offices through an 087 number, the line is forever busy that at some point I was on hold for 35mins.

A lot of people I know have been trying to call the centre and are experiencing the same problem. it leaves one wondering if the people working there, if ever there's anyone, would be on the phone the whole day so much so that they can't even put the receiver down for even a second.

I think Zimbabweans in South Africa are just being taken for ride by the minister of Home Affairs (Malusi Gigaba) it is a disgrace and its quite saddening. Wake up Zimbabweans and smell the coffee.
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