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14 Nov 2014 at 20:47hrs
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27 Jun 2014
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Telecel Going Extra Mile - Great Service
I have had a problem with my phone, I could not get my ID? I called Telecel yesterday and the guys promised to call back in 30 minutes and he never called. Today I called at about 7pm and I was very irate, I spoke to Nkosiyazi and he was so magic, he cooled me down. He let me explain my problem, I could detect that he was willing to help me. He took me step by step over and over for more than an hour, he instructed me on What to do and promised to call me back. Indeed he called and still patient with me. I was working between the two gadgets, my iPad and the phone and he was through and through. He promised to call me back to check if all went well, exactly at 22h00 as he promised to call and he called. I have been a customer of Telecel for over 15 years and I have never ever been made to feel so great. Nkosiyazi has renewed the customer retention contract between myself and Telecel. Thank you Nkosiyazi and hope your acknowledged and rewarded accordingly. With this attitude you will go far. Nyasha
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